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I’m Ismail Siraje Ittembe

Hello there! My name is Ismail Siraje Ittembe, and I’m glad you’re here. An Eternal student| Front-end Developer | Computer Support Specialist that’s what the world is defining me. I have 10 years of working with computers with expertise in Web design/development and computer support.

Me in our workshop in 2016

I earned an Information Technology Associate degree as well as several Online Certifications like Front End Developer and Tech Entrepreneur. I enjoy every step of the design and development process, from discussion and collaboration to the concept and execution of websites. I deploy, install, maintain and support office technology known as computer peripherals -such as computers, laptops, servers & printers.

I help companies and organizations develop ICT tools and processes to promote efficient and effective end-user support practices. Throughout my years of experience as a technocrat at ISI+SOFT Technologies, I have acquired the skills and knowledge necessary to make your project a success!

I live in Urban Kampala with my Wife and beautiful daughter. If you’re the social media kind of person, you can always follow me on Twitter (watch out for my nonsensical posts) or connect with me on my LinkedIn if you prefer it that way!

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